Philips Intellivue MP20 Patient Monitor

Philips Intellivue MP20 offers compact, high-performance monitoring

The IntelliVue MP20 patient monitor provides powerful monitoring capability and essential measurements in a compact package to adapt to the pace and unique needs of immediate care, special procedures, low acuity environments and patient transfer. The user interface has been redesigned to improve the visibility of patient data, which facilitates its use and improves compatibility with standard software.

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The IntelliVue MP20 and MP30 monitors are easy to use and operate on a network platform via wired or wireless connections. Through the Philips Multi-Measurement Server intuitive server and extensions, the MP20 and MP30 offer the best clinical measurements including capnography, conventional 12-lead ECG, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, breathing, FAST-SpO2, temperature, BIS, And the cardiac output.

Key advantages

  • Powerful monitoring and essential measurements in a compact package for a variety of care environments
  • Highly flexible screen configurations for a variety of patient acuity levels, protocols and procedures
  • Easy to use and operate in a network platform that can cover the hospital company
  • Multi-Measurement Server includes a collection of the most required parameters in a single unit, which saves valuable space
  • For transport and transfer of the patient, the MMS is removed and inserted into any other Philips IntelliVue monitor. Upon returning to the patient’s bed, it reconnects to IntelliVue and loads the stored transfer data without recourse or reconfiguration.
  • Store up to 8 hours of data
  • Lightweight, only 13 lbs. Including Multi-Measurement Server and a battery
  • Up to five hours of battery operation with dual lithium-ion batteries
  • The Microstream CO2 extension includes an optional blood pressure / invasive temperature port
  • Capnography Selection of extension of CO2 measurement of main or secondary current in a variety of configurations
  • Hemodynamic extension includes cardiac output, continuous cardiac output using PiCCO technology, invasive blood pressure, and temperature. Additional invasive blood pressure port is optional.
  • Touch-screen operation makes many functions accessible through simple one-touch commands
  • Wired and wireless connectivity with easy switching from one mode to another
  • Navigation point operation designed to facilitate information entry and on-screen navigation
  • Optional integrated recorder offers convenient documentation when needed.


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