Treatment table Oakworks PowerLineM

Setting a new standard in exam tables / treatment, the treatment table Oakworks PowerLine offers a load capacity of 500 pounds. Its solid hardwood construction ensures that no swelling or desmenuzen in damp or humid environments, unlike fiber board or board pressure. Optional table extenders can increase the length of the table to 78 “or 84”.


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  • PowerLine: Setting a new standard. Strong, stable and extremely durable, our PowerLine treatment tables are in a league of its own.
  • Back Rest Top Option: PowerLine Treatment Table is also available with the option Back Rest Top
  • Heavy Duty solid wood and Engineering: The durability and longevity of hardwood construction ensures superior lateral stability in extreme applications.
  • Building solid hardwood sill three inches: Your table will resist lateral force and will not oscillate.
  • Optional storage rack: A rack adds extra storage space for accessories. The jagged edges add stability to your shelf.
  • Beefy Hardware: beefy hardware will stand the test of time.
  • Fixing system Accessories: For accessories such as the QuickLock ™ headrest Oakworks, the extender board or paper roll holder.


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