Olympus insufflation unit (UHI-3)

clear space inside for clear procedures. When the UHI-3 is connected to ultrasonic surgical system SonoSurg, the evacuation of the fog begins simultaneously with the ultrasonic output. Simply press the foot switch (optional) SonoSurg generator and smoke and fog will be evacuated, so you can keep your vision clear during surgery. Better views and more ergonomic reduces stress in the OR and improves the quality, safety and speed of each procedure

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Powerful 35 L / min. inflations

  • UHI-3 has a powerful 35 L / min. High flow gas supply. You can quickly respond to gas leaks to return to the preset pressure level.

automatic relief

  • When abdominal pressure is too high, a warning lamp and an alarm is activated, and a pressure valve in the suction tube is automatically opened to release excess pressure.

3 Settings main flow

  • You can quickly adjust the flow in the Low, Medium or High programmed mode

Check critical data at a glance

  • real and preselected pressures are displayed simultaneously. You can easily monitor the needed information, while staying focused on what you are doing.

Attachable to the Medical Gas Pipeline

  • The only pressure control mechanism UHI-3 lets you connect to the gas pipe medical hospital, eliminating the need to handle heavy and cumbersome cylinders gas.


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