DRE Waveline EZ Portable Monitor

Portable monitor with a touch screen that is easy to use!

It comes with: ECG • Breathing • SpO2 • Non-invasive pressure • Temperature.

Available with EtCO2 and primer.

This monitor highlights the latest innovations and impeccable craftsmanship. The DRE Waveline EZ is the perfect choice for professionals in the medical sector who demand precision, functionality and affordability. Its touch screen helps you assess the condition of your patients quickly and accurately, which results in better care given to your patients.

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  • It weighs 6 lbs. One of the most mobile multiparameter monitors in the market
  • Touch screen provides the user with immediate availability
  • It can simultaneously measure the ECG of multiple sensors
  • Advanced detection of arrhythmia and ST
  • Ability to show trends in graphic and tabular forms
  • You can see three waves at the same time on the screen
  • Support battery backup
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Quick memory of all pressure measurements


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