DINAMAP ProCare 120 Vital Signs Monitor

The DINAMAP ProCare 100 monitor improves productivity with easy-to-use features and an intuitive menu structure. With a properly sized BP fist in place, simply press a button to take a BP reading. It is easy. All DINAMAP ProCare monitors are fully upgradeable so they can grow with your changing needs. With GE Healthcare you get more than just a monitor. You get a strategic partner and a total solution.

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  • Integral – A monitor for the entire range of patient populations – Neonatal, Pediatric and Adult
  • Versatile – Used in Emergency, Ambulatory Surgery, Endoscopy, GI Laboratory, Special Procedures, Recovery / PACU, Telemetry, Med-Surg and Labor
  • Easy to use – Push button interface
  • DINAMAP NIBP Technology – Available on GE Solar and Dash monitors
  • Six Sigma Quality and reliability – Built-in quality means accurate readings
  • Connectivity options


  • Gold Standard DINAMAP technology for blood pressure
  • Upgradeable to include the most accurate SpO2 available
  • Choice of Gold Standard Masimo SET® or Nellcor® OxiMax ™
  • Upgradeable to include IVAC TurboTemp – Accurate temperature in approximately 7 seconds
  • Flexible mounting options – Portable or Rolling Stand
  • The memory stores up to 25 determinations within 24 hours. period
  • Protection against water ingress
  • Auscultate reference standard for blood pressure using the oscillometric technique
  • External power supply


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